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WAFU Nations Cup Still Set To Take Place in Liberia Featured

03 Nov 2016
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By LFA Press 

THIRSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2016: The Liberia Football Association says the WAFU Nations Cup in honor of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will go on as planned.

 The LFA in a release said the tournament is not called off as is being reported in the local media but is being delayed due to ongoing renovation works at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.

The LFA said during a meeting with authorities at the Ministry of Youth and Sports in August, it was informed that the stadium will not be ready in time for the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf WAFU Nations Cup.

The football house subsequently informed WAFU about the situation and the tournament was postponed.

LFA President Musa Hassan Biltiy is currently in Ivory Coast attending a meeting of WAFU where sponsorship for the tournament is being concluded and a new date is being set.

Mr. Bility is one of the Vice Presidents of WAFU and said a lucrative sponsorship deal for the event will be announced once negotiations are concluded between WAFU and the sponsors.

The LFA release said once the Sports Ministry give the exact date for the reopening of the SKD Sports Complex, it will inform WAFU and a timeline will be set for the tournament to take place.

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