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LFA Opens Bidding For First Division Slot Featured

05 Oct 2016
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By Kolubah Zayzay


Report says the Liberia Football Association Competition Committee has put out for bid the last slot in the LFA First Division.

The LFA Competition Committee in a communication to second division clubs last week informed the clubs that it has opened bidding for the last slot in the first division.

There were eleven teams that competed in the last LFA First division League after IE withdrew their participation from the league.

The LFA First division league is usually staged among twelve teams, but currently there are only eleven clubs standing by for the upcoming national league as IE has not been readmitted to the first division.

The LFA Competition Committee chairman, Ansu Dulleh in recent media interactions had repeated that there was no slot reserved for IE after they failed to play in the league, and that the slot will be put out for bidding.

The Communication says, clubs interested in the bidding process, must meet certain criteria including paying a nonrefundable feel of twenty-five thousand U.S. dollar and having a bank balance of fifteen thousand U.S. dollar.

The report says several clubs including IE, and NPA Anchors have formerly expressed interest in getting the slot, but have felt short of paying the twenty-five thousand U.S. dollar.

Also, a bidding for two slots in the second division is been opened for third division clubs, with report that Bea Mountain, a side that failed to qualify from the LFA Third Division Playoff the only side that have gave the LFA an undisclosed amount for a slot in the second division.

Meanwhile, there are mix-feelings among second division teams and clubs that reached the LFA National Third Division Playoff.

The clubs are arguing that the slots should have been awarded to those teams that ended the season in positions closed to those teams that got promoted, rather than putting up a bid.

This is the first time; the Liberia Football Association is put out slots for bidding.

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