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IE Appoints Samuel Wlue As President Featured

20 Sep 2016
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BY Kolubah Zayzay

The Board of Directors of the IE Majestic Sports Association has appointed National Housing Authority Managing Director Samuel Wlue as Interim President of the oldest existing football club in Liberia.

Mr. Wlue was appointed recently following series of Board Meetings, but his appointment was finally confirmed Monday after Mr. Wlue’s acceptance of the Board’s decision to name him as President of IE.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Eugene Shannon speaking to ELBC Sports Monday said the board reached a unanimous decision in August to name Mr. Wlue as President of the IE majestic Sports Association, and that he has accepted the appointment.

Mr. Wlue according to the letter of appointment will run the affairs of IE for the next two years.

In his acceptance letter to the IE Board of Directors, Mr. Wlue said “After deliberations with my family and friends, I register my acceptance to your communication to serve as Interim President for IE Majestic Sports Association.

It is my ardent hope that my preferment will bring about much synergy amongst Executives and Members of the Association”.

Mr. Wlue added that he believes the appointment will create a robust machinery to move the association forward and help regain its indomitable reputation that once highlighted the glory days of the association.

Mr. Wlue, an ardent fan of the Yellow Boys, has a mammoth task in reawakening one of Liberia’s football power houses that has struggled for existence since the civil crisis in Liberia.

IE had not gone to election to elect officials of the club since 2010 when Dr. Richard Tolbert and others were elected.

Since Dr. Tolbert’s resignation from the Association, the board of directors has only managed to name caretaker presidents.

Mr. Wlue will take over from Mr. Sam Gibson who resigned as President of the Interim Leadership just before the start of the last football league season.

IE failed to participate in the last LFA League season because of several constrains.

These constrains according to Dr. Shannon has been worked on by the Board of Directors and that the Association is gearing up to feature in the pending LFA First Division League.

IE, founded in 1943 has won many league titles in Liberia and has produced several big name football stars in the country, like the Legendary George Weah, but failed to establish itself into a corporate entity to acquire properties of its own.

IE rivaled with Mighty Barrolle in the years before the civil wars for supremacy in Liberian football, but that revelry seems to have died during the war years as there has been no taste of serious rivalry between the two.

Both IE and Barrolle are no longer considered as top notch clubs in Liberia owing to their dismal showing in the National Football leagues in past years.

Though IE won the LFA Premiership in 2007, the club was relegated to the second division, but came back to the first division a season later.

Their known rival, Mighty Barrolle suffered similar relegation to the second division, where the Red Boys spend three seasons, before gaining promotion to the top league the last season.

Mr. Wlue is taking over the IE Majestic Sports Association, with the Basketball team dissolved.

IE Basketball team has been dissolved since a fine was imposed on them by both Fiba-Afrique and the local Basketball Association in 2009 for disturbing in an International tournament in the Ivory Coast.

Fans of the club have either gone into hiding or joined other clubs such as BYC, LISCR FC, FC Fassell and Nimba United.

The demise of IE and Barrolle’s rivalries and supremacies in the country, has seen BYC, FC Fassell, LISCR FC and Nimba United open a new chapter of football in Liberia.

Invincible Eleven & Majestic Sports Association Inc. also known as Invincible Eleven (I.E.) is a football club from Liberia based in Monrovia. They are one of the founding members of football in Liberia.

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