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Big Blow to Wafu Tourney Featured

10 Aug 2016
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SKD Stadium Renovation to Be Completed in April 2017 SKD Stadium Renovation to Be Completed in April 2017

Big Blow to Wafu Tourney

….As Liberia Lacks infrastructures and facilities

October is fast approaching and nothing has been heard about what the LFA is doing with WAFU Secretariat to get the game going.

The continuous silence suggests that the 2016 West African Football Union Nations Tournament known as the WAFU Cup will not take place in Liberia, FOCUS Sport understands.

Liberia was selected as host for this year’s edition of the tournament in honor of its leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but a sign on the wall of the Local Football House has signaled that the annual activity will not happen.

The international competition is organized for Liberia to appreciate the efforts of the chief patron of sports, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and also as part of activities to climax her final term in office.

The tournament is expected to kick off in Monrovia on October 29, the birthday of the Liberian President and it is expected to involve all the 16 member nations as participants.

But FOCUS Sport has gathered that the proposed annual tournament may not go on as planned due to what many critics termed as no facilities and infrastructures to comfortably host over 16 Nations delegation.

Liberia currently has two major football stadiums and a private Mini sports field.The most active soccer stadiums now are the ageing Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) and the Blue Field which the Samuel K. Doe Sports Stadium (SKD) is ongoing renovation works.

But they are not enough to host the 16 nations in a highly contested tournament to honor Africa’s proverbial Iron Lady’s legacy to Liberia and Africa.

The LFA President Musa Bility who has a legacy to make and knowing that making propositions must go along with a realistic and corresponding arrangement and foresight to ensure their successes over the weekend divulged that due to ongoing renovation works at the SKD sports complex, the event has been postponed.

Mr. Bility added that until the project can be fully completed, it will difficult to host such an international event in Monrovia.

He however noted that while the renovation is ongoing, the Liberian FA will work along with government and its partners to ensure that the event kicks-off next year.

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