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Female football to hit 55 schools Nationwide Featured

08 Aug 2016
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Female football to hit 55 schools Nationwide

By Boy Dolo

The project which is intended to scot young girls that have passion to play football will see fifty-five (55) schools nationwide benefit, the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Female Football Committee has disclosed.

The LFA Women Football Committee has announced plans to take the game to schools in the country’s fifteen counties, revealing that fifty-five schools will be selected nationwide as part of the implementation of the project.

LFA Executive Committee Member Ciata Bishop, who is also head of Women’s Football Committee,making the disclosure Friday at the Head quarters of the FA on Benson Street, said that the scheme which major aim is to attract young girls to play football will last for one academic calendar year.

Madam Bishop said the project will start with five schools in Montserrado in October of this year and will spread into the rest of the counties and end in June of next year.

She said with support from FIFA, the LFA Women Football Committee wants to encourage more female footballers.

Madam Bishop said LFA President Musa Bility has given green light to the blueprint of the project, noting the committee is working with the technical department at the FA for the smooth implementation in Liberia.

“We need more female players, more female referees, more ball girls, as well as female medics and to archive our goals we want to reach out to the counties and identified girls who have passion for the game and see how we can train and develop them,” Madam Bishop said.

Madam Bishop admitted that female football is still lacking behind in the country, noting her committee has to work hard to promote the game in line with FIFA new mandate.

According to her FIFA has made women’s football a priority and as such all national associations including Liberia is working to make the game comparable to male soccer.

Liberia currently has a female league that features about eight teams. Most of the teams are solely supported by individuals.

Senior Professional won this season league while Erath Angels won the Knockout trophy.

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