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Barrolle Sports Association (BSA) Congratulates the Monrovia Club Breweries alias “Club Beer” Featured

05 Aug 2016
2015 times

Barrolle Sports Association
Behind SDA School, ELWA Junction
Paynesville, Liberia


For Immediate Release August 5, 2016

Barrolle Sports Association (BSA) wants to congratulate the Monrovia Club Breweries alias “Club Beer”, on the occasion of being crowned Double-Champions. We are of the strongest conviction that such approach is in the interest of the game and demonstrates to the highest esteem our commitment in ensuring the betterment of the game of football in Liberia.

We also want to use this medium to congratulate the players and technical staff of Mighty Barrolle for earning promotion back to Division One and for the beautiful showings, commitment, dedication and discipline during the 2015/2016 LFA League Season.

BSA like to state that as one of the oldest sports association in the history of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), BSA has been very devoted and discipline in promoting the good of the game since its inception in Liberian football history. We therefore regret every minute of what transpired on the day of the FA Cup Finals involving Monrovia Club Breweries and Mighty Barrolle, even though it has not been scientifically proven that the fans who invaded the pitch were Barrolle’s.

In like manner, the BSA condemns the act of misconduct on Sunday and would like to caution fans and sympathizers of clubs to desist and avoid any act that has the propensity of undermining the good of the sport. We like to also warn would-be intruders who have paraded in the name of being Barrolle fans to similarly desist from violent approach at any match, regardless of where the game is being played.

However, BSA would like to wholesomely blame the Football House, particularly those in charge of competition and security, for knowingly neglecting its fundamental responsibility, amongst which is to ensure security or safety at major stadiums or major tension packed games. The FA has disregarded the importance of installing modern safety control or measures at the stadium which is a standing requirement by CAF/FIFA and should therefore take responsibility for the debacle at the ATS Stadium on Sunday, July 31, 2016.

Furthermore, the FA failure to mention the word ‘security’ in any version of its rules and regulations creates a broader picture that the football house has long since demonstrated a total lack of interest in the security and safety of the match officials, players, spectators and including its staff at games.

However, we are not the custodian of the ATS and security is not under our jurisdiction so it was prudent for the FA to have invited officials of both clubs to hear them out before arriving at such decision. We believe that the decision of LD$100,000 fined was too harsh and presupposes the intent of the Competition Committee to disregard our rights to be heard. We have decided to take an appeal to the FA to vacate the LD$100,000 fined through its Grievance and Ethics Committee.

Additionally, we are very discouraged about the poor communication attitude of the FA since we had to be informed about such a major decision through the social media. The FA needed to formally communicate with the both clubs before publishing a press statement on their social media page; we are again disappointed.

Henceforth, we want to announce that our organization will ensure that proper safety and security measures are arranged and in placed before Mighty Barrolle honor any LFA's match. LESSONS LEARNED!


Ivan G. Brown
Secretary General
Barrolle Sports Association

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