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From the pitch to the Street -How Monrovia Club Breweries Celebrated Knockout Trophy Featured

04 Aug 2016
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From the pitch to the Street
-How Monrovia Club Breweries Celebrated Knockout Trophy


By Boy Dolo

The celebration was delayed by some disgruntle football followers who mounted the pitch on Sunday in demands of technical-justice, but the Blue House set the stage and the Islanders received their trophy and medals in an unprecedented fashion on Thursday.
Monrovia Club Breweries have been officially crowned as the 2015-2016 Liberia Football Association (LFA) Knockout Champions.

Players of the Club took the trophy to the street to celebrate after they were denied the chance to do so on Sunday at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium due to disruption by some angry fans believed to be cheering traditional club Mighty Barrolle.

LFA President Musa Bility before presenting the trophy lauded Breweries’ President Sam Asley, whom according to him has been his constructive critics.Asley who is reportedly ill, was not at the ceremony.

Bility went on to apologize to the Club for the embarrassing situation on Sunday, warning the FA will not condone such action anymore.

He again emphasized that Mighty Barrolle will shoulder the rest of the damage done to the FA properties apart from the LD$100,000.00 fine.

Bility however presented Barrolle’s medals warning runaway Rollers to rally around the team as she is now in the topflight.

The LFA President shockingly waved the FA Cup trophy to Club Breweries. According to him, the FA will have to purchase a new trophy for the nation’s second best competition.

The biggest Challenge now for the Club is how to ably represent Liberia in next year’s CAF Confederation Cup.

Apart from the financial saddle, Breweries is a complete youth team with 98 percent of its current squad hasn’t had international experience.

Only defender Raymond Fanciah, skipper Melvin Blapoh and goalkeeper Abdullai Kulubaly had had outside experience with the U23 and U20 National Teams.

But former Head Coach now Team’s Technical Director Francis Sarploh said although his team is young and probably inexperience, they have got the mentality to compete at the higher level.

Breweries became a breeding ground for young players under the national recognized Chemist (Sarploh ) as the current squad only has one experience player in Blidi Jackson.

“The team is young, we agreed, but we have the mentality to compete on the bigger scene. We have the ability that some of the very best teams don’t have. We have the mind, we are physical.

These kids will bring pride to Liberia,” Sarploh told Insight Sport Thursday refusing to rule out additional players to the squad before the competition kicks off in February of next year.

Midfielder Curtis Koon who netted 13 goals for the team in the second division, backed his Technical Director’s assertion, noting their aggressive approach to matches has made them much more different from other teams in Liberia, believing that will be the pillar in their historic journey.

“We are more or like different from other teams in Liberia, our approach to games is too strong, we always want to approve our strength and you saw that against all of the teams we played, this will be key for us in the Confederation Cup,” Said Koon who became the top scorer in the second Division after netting 13 goals as an attacking midfielder.

Monrovia Club Breweries was founded by workers of Monrovia Breweries Incorporated, producer of Club Beer in Liberia in 1975.

The aim was to keep the workers together, but in 1985, the workers decided to turn the club to the youth and it was registered in the New Kru Town Sub-Committee as a third division team in the same year.

In 1993, Breweries qualified to the Third Division Play-off and moved to the second Division. The Club won the LFA Knockout Trophy in 1994 defeating LPRC Oilers in the final.

Breweries have been a topflight team in Liberia since 1994 before it was relegated from the top league in 2015. The team returned this season following a magnificent performance in Second Division clinching the Division Championship and Knockout Cup.

Lone Star Administrative Manager Sebastian Collins,Morris Porte, Ben Nimely , Isaac Popu, as well as Teah Dennis, Murphy Ocsar Dorley, Michael MacCaulay, and Sylvanus Nimely are the Club’s noticeable players.

Although the likes of Collins, Nimely and Porte have retired, but Sylvanus, Dorley, and Dennis are among some of the best cream of players Liberia can boost of currently.

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