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Angels Win LFA’s 2015/2016 Knock-Out Title Featured

02 Aug 2016
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Angels Win LFA’s 2015/2016 Knock-Out Title

BY Augustus Auggie Audekina-Doe


Earth Angels has emerged winners of the female edition in the just ended Liberia Football Association (LFA) 2015/2016 Knock-out competition.

The Wallace Weiah’s girls thrashed out their counterparts, Determine Girls 5-0following regular time of hostility in the final match played on Sunday at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

The match saw old hand Earth Angels sweep the entire game statistics over Determine Girls.

The 31st minute was enough to see Earth Angels take the lead 1-0 through striker Kanties Sayee who rattled the nets of Determine Girls following a link from her team mate.

Kebeh Lamine placed the ball above goal bar just three minute later – a goal that could have increased Angels lead to 2-0 minutes to the end of the first half.

Back for break, the two sides maintained their form following lots of chances missed in a tense pressure.

Angels’ pursue of more goals came to reality in the 68th minute after Determine Girls defender, Tina Joseph floppy missed pass in the goal area connected unmarked Kanties who placed the ball at the back of goal keeper Joetta Wah’s nets to secured her brace in the match.

Angeline Kieh’s free kick in the 70th minute above penalty area pocketed at the back of Determine Girls nets to extend the goals festival to 3-0 before Kanties nine minute later netted her hat-trick through Lamine’s effort.

Kanties again added to make it hat-trick plus one in the late minute of play to sealed Angels 5-0 win over Determine Girls.

The attacker played a crucial role in helping her side to defeat Determine Girls 5-0 in the FA Cup finals. The goals marked her seven for the league season.

The win indicates that Earth Angels has never fallen below runner-up in the women's league, since women's football was reintroduced in 2000.

This year league season, Earth Angels also ended as runner-up I the 2015/2016 Liberia Football Association Championship in the Women category.

It also means that Angels has never ended a league or tournament without winning a title, which this year outcome is the repetition of their records either championship or FA cup winners or double.

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