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LFA and LIFRA presidents condemn pitch invasion: ....as LFA Boss summons the Executive Committee Featured

02 Aug 2016
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LFA and LIFRA presidents condemn pitch invasion:
....as LFA Boss summons the Executive Committee

The grand final of the LFA Cup ended in deadlock on Sunday as fans believed to be of Mighty Barrolle invaded the pitch on allegations of cheating.

Monrovia Club Breweries took the lead in the 1st half from an indirect kick from the six yard box through Blidi Jackson in the 19th minute to separate both sides.

But with just about four minutes to climax the game, a fan believed to be for Mighty Barrolle out of frustration invaded the pitch followed by several others who attacked center Referee Jerry Yekeh on counts of cheating which brought the game to an abrupt end.

Referee Yekeh who was seen running for his life due to the lack of adequate security was immediately rescued by the LFA ambulance and escorted off the premises of the Antoinette Tubman stadium as the game prematurely ended 1-0 against Barrolle.

Meanwhile, the Presidents of the Liberia Football and Referees Associations have jointly condemned the assault against center Referee Jerry Yekeh.

Speaking to RCISPORTS following the incident, LFA president, Musa Hassan Bility and football referees’ president, Attorney Joseph Kollie condemned the unruly act terming it as unacceptable and will not be taken likely by both bodies.

Attorney Kollie though frown on the situation, he blamed it on the negligence of the Liberian FA on grounds that it fails to ensure the protection of referees which was not done during the FA Cup final.

He asserted that despite repeated cries for the LFA to increase the presence of officers at league games, their pleas have continuously fallen on death ears.

But the LFA differed with the referees’ boss noting that the FA will not shoulder the responsibilities of fans who will engage in such an unruly behavior during games.

Mr. Bility has however summoned the Executive Committee for an emergency meeting slated for Monday in an effort to adequately resolve the matter as the axe is expected to affect Mighty Barrolle.

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