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"Inexperience caused Liberia Lone Star's failure to win Togo".. Says Coach Debbah Featured

07 Jun 2016
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"Inexperience caused Liberia Lone Star's failure to win Togo".. Says Coach Debbah

By Kolubah Zayzay


Liberia Lone Star's head coach James Salinsa Debbah says inexperience of the Liberian players caused the team's failure to win Togo despite taken a 2-0 lead on Sunday.

Coach Debbah also added that the Oversea Liberian players suffered from fatigue, which aided the Togolese to pick a draw against the Lone Star, thus denting the country's hope of reaching Gabon 2017 Africa Cup of Nations final.

The Lone Star Coach was speaking Tuesday when he spoke to State Radio Bumber Show Program.
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At the same time, Coach James Debbah has apologized to football fans for Lone star’s failure to win Togo on Sunday at the ATS.

Coach Debbah said though the team did not win, his mandate of building a national team to compete in international competitions is on course.

The Lone Star coach also expressed disappointment about the way fans criticized his effort in building a team.

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