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Mighty Barrolle Appoints Eugene Nagbe As President of The Rollers Featured

09 May 2016
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Mighty Barrolle Appoints Eugene Nagbe As President of The Rollers

By Kolubah Zayzay


The Board of Directors of the Second Oldest existing Sporting Association in Liberia Mighty Barrolle has appointed Information Minister Eugene Nagbe as Acting President of the Mighty Barrolle Sports Association (BSA).

Minister Eugene Nagbe was named to the Barrolle Presidency at the weekend by the Board of Directors chaired by Cllr. Theophilus C. Gould.

Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, who served as Secretary General of the Mighty Barrolle Sports Association four years ago, will run the affairs of the BSA for the next four years.

He’s given a mandate to ensure election takes place for the position of a President and other positions of the Club.

Min. Nagbe is taking over the affairs of Mighty Barrolle from Gender Minister Julia Duncan-Cassell at a time; the Association’s football team is fighting for promotion from the second division to the first division.

The New Mighty Barrolle President reacting to his appointment said he was happy to be handed the Rollers Presidency and hope to work with the board members and other Barrolle die-heart supporters to reawaken the spirit of the team.

He added that running Mighty Barrolle a club with great history in Liberia is a huge challenge, but believes that the Association will get back to its pre-war status shortly.

“Like I approach every appointment/challenge, we will get a plan of action in place that will get the team back to the first division” said Minister Eugene Nagbe.

The Mighty Barrolle President in an interview with the World of Sports Program on ELBC Monday said with a good plan, the club has lots of potentials despite the challenges.

“Our first task is to look at the situation with the football and basketball teams and see how we can better organize the teams” added Minister Nagbe.

There are reports that Mighty Barrolle football players are not on salary, and are faced with logistical situations which hinder their training activities on many occasions.

This has posted difficulties to their football team in gaining promotion back to the 1st division league.

This Minister Nagbe said will urgently be tackle to help the Rollers return to the LFA 1st division next season.

He said while the new team (Leadership) goes about putting in place a long term plan for the Mighty Barrolle Sports Association, there are some immediate things that ought to happen; which include the players’ welfare, giving them salaries on time and providing them the needed materials.

The Former Mighty Barrolle Sports Association Secretary General also spoke about the need to reactive all Chapters of the Association as well as taking the team back to its traditional base Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County where it is believed the Rollers have their biggest fan base.

He said once Barrolle is back in the LFA 1st Division next season, the club will begin to fight for a place on the continent to compete in International Competitions.

Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe is a passionate Sportsman who has worked with several sporting institutions, including writing and reporting sports as a journalist in the 80s.
He was recently in charge of all sporting activities in the Country serving as Minister of Youth and Sports.

The Mighty Barrolle Board of Directors also appointed the Speaker of the Liberian Parliament Alex Tyler, Justice Minister designate, Cllr. Fredrick Cherue and the Basketball team head coach Assad Fady on the board of directors.

Madam Julia Duncan-Cassell, the lady who has been in charge as President of the BSA since 2011 was elevated to the Board of Directors.

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