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LFA Knockout Draw out…..As Four Third Division Clubs Make The Cut Featured

19 Apr 2016
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LFA Knockout Draw out

…..As Four Third Division Clubs Make The Cut

By Augustus Audekina-Doe

Liberia Football Association knockout competition draw, renamed FA Cup was held at the local football house on Benson Street on Friday, April 15, 2016.

The draw brought together 11 first division clubs, 12 second division clubs and four third division clubs from Margibi and Montserrado Counties. Eight female clubs were also drawn against each other.

It will be the first time in five years for third division clubs to participate in the FA Cup.

The biggest match in the first round will witness the ‘Soccer Missionaries’ of FC Fassell against the feeder side of Barrack Young Controller BYC-II, who are the current champion in a rematch of last year quarter draw.

Defending league champion, Nimba United FC against Bong County based, Mighty Dragon FC. The Mountaineers whipped the Bongees 3-1 in the only meeting involving the two sides at the David Kuyon Stadium in a league match a fortnight ago.

Holder FC meets the ‘Shipping Boys’ of LISCR FC in the other top notch pairing.

In other tricky encounters, Charles Massaley’s MUSCAT FC battles Liberia’s traditional club, Mighty Barrolle, while Gardnersville FC will welcome home ELWA United.

LPRC Oiler goes face-to-face with Grand Bassa based, FairPlay FC, while Harbel Alethic sorts thing out with Barrack Young Controller (BYC).

Third Division, Morning Star has been pair with the ‘Security Boys’ of Aries FC, while Unification Town based third division club, Tony FC takes on the ‘Church Boys’ of Jubilee FC.

In another fixture, New Hope FC will hope to repeat last league season history when they meet Watanga FC in this year’s FA Cup.

The FA Cup fixture also brings together two of Brushood Island rivals, MC Breweries verses Small Town FC, while Nimba County Second Division out-fit, Sidina FC will take on Mighty Barrolle.

In the last paring, the “Port Boys” of NPA Anchors will sort things out with Bendu FC, as Keitrace FC, takes a bye to the next round.

The country best female clubs have been paired against each other in this year’s FA Cup draw.

Earth Angel agreeably the finest female club in the history of Liberia will face bitter rival and emerging powerhouse Senior Pro in the first round of the LFA Cup.

Jallah Corvah’s Senior Pro enjoys a five-point lead atop of the LFA female national league and is contemplating on signing the best cream-de-la-cream before the close of the mid-season transfer window to bolster its chances of winning the league.

World Girls meets Blanco FC, Island Queen takes on Naskids, while and Determine Girls welcome home Pro Sister.

This year’s FA Cup will be played at three seperate venues across, the Nancy B. Doe Stadium in Kakata, Margibi County, the Unification Town soccer pitch in Harbel, Margibi County and the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Central Monrovia.

Meanwhile, the Liberia Football Association Competition department on Friday disclosed that registration and transfer of players for mid-season will begin today and end seven days into the second phase of the ongoing national league.

According to EC Ansu Dolleh, who serves as Chairman on Competition at the LFA no club (S) will be allowed to register players (s) after this deadline.

He also disclosed that clubs partaking in the Cellcom sponsored LFA national league will be given a one week break at the end of the first phase.

The break will also create room for Liberia National Team and U-20 national team engagement with the Junior Syli Nationale of Guinea at the Stade du 28 September in Conkary.

The Guineans take a two-goal lead into the return fixture and are favorite to advance to the next stage of the 2017 African championship qualifiers, having defeated Christopher Wleh guided side 2-0 in the first leg at the ATA.


Here are the pairings for the men’s competition (Keitrace FC of Cellcom First Division gets a bye):

  • FC Fassell (CFD) vs. BYC II (CSD)
  • Nimba United (CFD) vs. Mighty Dragons (CFD) 
  • Holder FC (CFD) vs. LISCR (CFD)
  • LPRC Oilers  (CFD) vs. Fair Play FC (CSD) 
  • Harbel Athletics FC (LTD) vs. BYC (CFD)
  • Morning Stars FC (LTD) vs. Aries FC (CSD)
  • Muscat FC (LTD) vs. Mighty Barrolle (CSD)
  • Tony FC (LTD) vs. Jubilee FC (CSD)
  • Gardnerville FC (CSD) vs. ELWA United (CFD) 
  • New Hope FC (CSD) vs. Ma-Watta Watanga FC (CFD)
  • Monrovia Club Breweries (CSD) vs. Small Town FC (CSD) 
  • Sidina FC (CSD) vs. Mighty Blue Angels (CSD) 
  • NPA Anchors (CFD) vs. Bendu FC (CSD)

*CFD = Cellcom First Division; CSD = Cellcom Second Division; LTD = Liberia Third Division

Here are the pairings for the Female competition:

  • World Girls vs Blanco FC
  • Island Queens vs. Naskid FC.
  • Earth Angels vs. Senor Pro.
  • Determined Girls vs. Pro Sisters


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