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Missing BYC II players resurface. Featured

16 Mar 2016
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Missing BYC II players resurface






By Christopher C Walker‎


The Two players of Barrack Young Controllers II that were reported missing in Morocco hours to the team departure from Morocco reappear at Mohammed V international Airport to the disbelieve of the Club officials .

Cyrus Harmon and Dennis Wesseh who travel with the " Go Blue Boys " for their CAF CUP match with Kawkab Athletic Club Marrakech could not be seen early Monday morning after the team's security went out to do their normal checkup . The situation which was reported to the team's officials ,was later reported to the Moroccan police for further investigation.

Both Dennis and Cyrus who were roommates left the hotel at midnight with their personal materials leaving all of the team's materials in their room .

Police investigation shows that a fifteen year old Liberian only known as Sammie encourage Cyrus and Dennis to escape to an unknown destination.

Later another Liberian in Marrakech called Scott Filimoore was identified as the mean person who promise to take the players to Spain to continue their career.

When the club got to know about the involvement of Filimoore they made lots of calls to him about the disappearance of the kids but he denied that the kids were with him and later requested three hundred plus United States Dollars from BYCII to find the two players something the club was welling to do.

Hours before the team's departure Scott called the President of BYC Sekou Konneh and inform him that the two players were on their way to the airport to depart for Liberia with their teammates.

Speaking to Sky News at the airport in Morocco Cyrus Harmon and Dennis Wesseh said they went to a Nightclub and lost their way back to the team's hotel.

"We want to appeal to the club to forgive us because it was not intentional" said both players.

They explained that a friend took them to see the city and they over stay.

Noting that by the time they realize that it was late they couldn't go back to the hotel.

Dennis noted that their friend later encourage them to go to Casablanca where they were still day.

Meanwhile BYC President Sekou Konneh says the players action was ugly and unfortunate.

He noted that the Club will take serious action against both players in other to stop such situation from other players who may have similar intention.

At the same time report from Morocco says ten persons have been arrested in connection to the disappearance of the players in Morocco.

Details to follow soon.

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