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08 Feb 2016
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 Monrovia, Liberia



Sunday , FEBRUARY 7, 2016: The Liberia Football Association has endorsed the candidacy of Prince Ali Hussein of Jordan for the post of FIFA President in the world football body upcoming elections. LFA President Musa Bility said the decision to endorse Prince Ali followed intense consultations with his Executive Committee and key stakeholders in Liberian football.

Mr.Bility believes the Jordanian Prince Ali’s actions are clear and one based on principled leadership stating that when many dared, he did by challenging the status quo and facing former FIFA Boss Seep Blatter.

The Liberian FA President said he is convinced that Prince Ali represents the real change that football seeks and such was demonstrated when he stood against Blatter when it was unthinkable to do so. “This represents courage and commitment of character to bring about change and boldness of action for change. And we must wonder why others would appear to talk about changing a system that they are not even prepared to criticize”, the LFA President remarked.

He said such boldness of character convinces him that Prince Ali is not going to make promises that he does not intend to keep or pledge money that does not exist anywhere in the books of FIFA.

Meanwhile, LFA President Musa Bility has communicated his decision to support Prince Ali of Jordan to the heads of 26 football associations. In his communication to his colleagues, Musa Bility urged them to use the upcoming February 26 elections as an attempt to restore integrity and change FIFA for the good of the game.

“The simple message we must write to the future by our votes must be that we were bold in writing the wrongs-that we answered the call to change and that we did what was right”, the LFA Boss stated.

Mr.Bility called on his colleagues to join him in voting for Prince Ali stating the Prince has pledged to build the capacities of each football association by ensuring that they have programs and leagues that enhances their revenue generation capacities rather than keep us as mere beggars for very limited and wrongly applied resources.

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