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03 Feb 2016
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The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has reconsidered its decision to disqualify several top football clubs in the country from participating in the national football league.

The LFA Competitions Committee which earlier disqualified the clubs, said it is satisfied with documentations submitted by clubs that were barred from taking part in this year's Cellcom National League.

The committee's chairman Ansu Dulleh said the clubs have satisfied 90 percent of the requirements under the Club Licensing System, thereby meeting the benchmark of the First Instant Board.

A release from the LFA says the revision of the disqualified clubs documentation by the Competitions Committee was prompted by an appeal letter written on January 20, 2016 to LFA President Musa Bility by the First Division Clubs.

The clubs, in their appeal letter to LFA President said they are in sympathy with their fellow clubs and are therefore seeking an appeal for all clubs to participate in the 2015/2016 National League.

They want the clubs involved to be given adequate time to meet the requirements of the Club Licensing System and appropriate fines be placed on them for not meeting the requirements on time.

The release quoted Mr. Dulleh as saying findings from his committee have been sent to the LFA President and decision as to whether the clubs involved will re-enter the league rests with President Bility and his executives.

The clubs involved include Invincible Eleven, NPA Anchors, Monrovia Club Breweries, Small Town FC and Mighty Blue Angels.

It can be recalled that disqualified football clubs resolved to take the LFA to the Civil Law Court of Liberia for violation of FIFA status, which could automatically put an injunction on the national league.

On December 7, 2015, the Chairman of the LFA's First Instant Board, Ansu V. S. Dulleh, (Alias LFA Prime Minister) wrote Invincible Eleven Majestic Sports Association (IEMSA) that it had failed to meet the minimum requirements set for the Club Licensing System.

In response to the ruling, the president of the Invincible Eleven Majestic Sports Association Alfred Sayon said an official communication was sent to the Liberia Football Association reminding it about its own violation of CAF Club Licensing System Guide; hence IEMSA and the affected teams should be considered for participation in the league.

According to him, if the LFA refuses to listen to them, the only option will be to run to the Civil Law Court to place an injunction on the league, which would eventually drag the league again.

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