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Famata Dean on disparity in Liberian football Featured

29 Jan 2016
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Famata Dean on disparity in Liberian football

By Boy Dolo


The Female Lone Star and FC Blanco captain has called for more respect for female players in the wake of the resumption of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Female league after two years of administrative-sabbatical.

Famata Dean has called for a halt to what she calls disparity in the running of the football league.

The LFA Female Division League resumed over the weekend and Deanwho plays for FC Blanco in the league said the division has not been taken seriously by stakeholders and said it is now time that male and female footballers be treated equally.

“Female football is making headways all over the world, most especially in our neighboring countries, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, why are we just focused on male soccer, we play the same soccer, why people don’t want t o see female football develop”, Dean told Insight Sports in a chat.

The defender who works at the National Port Authority (NPA) said the female league has not been over the years supported like the male’s league.

“Even with the league resumption most of the players are not willing to play, there is no money in the female league. When teams win championship, the LFA does not give their money, it is about credit”, Dean added.

She further added; see the time they schedule our games, if they really want people to follow female soccer it will be mixed with the male games schedule, so that the people can see that female can play just like their male counterparts” “The media have to as well give us some attention and just don’t look at what the guys are doing”,. Dean added.

Asked whether she will feature for her team this season, Dean said “As for me I’m busy working at the Freeport.
If I have time out I'm going to play for my club because I really love my team and don’t want it die down.

Famata Dean has represented Liberia at international level and has been the brain behind FC Blanco success on the local scene.

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