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Gabriel Johns-LPRC Oilers will protest if...... Featured

26 Jan 2016
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Gabriel Johns-LPRC Oilers will protest if......

By Boy Dolo

The Sensational LPRC Oilers Head Coach has warned that his side would protest if any “unqualified” coach stands on the line against them in the current Liberia Football Association (LFA) First Division League.

Gabriel Johns has vented out anger on the technical department of the LFA over their accommodation of what he called “low-level” coaches in the top division of the national league.

Speaking in an exclusive Insight Sports Interview Sunday in Mount Barclay after his side was held to a testing 2-2 draw by Nimba United, Johns said the LFA is demoting the standard of the league by allowing level-B coaches in the topflight after they have been reportedly warned by the CAF License System that only “A” License coaches should tutored in the top division.

“We have 10 Clubs and 16 A-licence coaches, why will the FA allow level-B coaches to coach in the League? This is a bent of the rule as mandated by the LFA and the CAF Club Licensing system and LPRC Oilers will protest if any unqualified coach stands on the line against us in this league”, Johns said vehemently.

According to him coaches who made significant strive in the coaching seminar last year should be allowed to further strength their career, which he said is a boost for football in Liberia.

Johns made specific reference to fellow top-tier Clubs Barrack Young Controller (BYC) and Watanga FC, whom he accused of featuring Level-B Coaches. Recently BYC announced the signing of former LISCR FC Head Coach Cooper Sannoh who is a B-Licence Coach and Watanga FC are also having in their employ License B Coach David Paul.

According to Article “A” P.06 of the CAF Club Licensing System licence, applicant (Clubs) must have a head coach who holds the highest available coaching licence of the member association or any valid foreign diplomat which is equivalent to this one and recognized by CAF.

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