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PEO Sworr Willing to Revamp Mighty Barrolle, If! Featured

04 Jan 2016
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PEO Sworr Willing to Revamp Mighty Barrolle, If!


By Augustus Auggie Audekina-Doe

A Liberian based in Canada, Leo Peo Sworr says he is willing and prepare to take over Mighty Barrolle as President, provided if the Sports Association Board agrees to enter into a standing agreement.

“I am willing to return and take over Barrolle only if the Board and I can enter into a strict corporate partnerships agreement,” the Barrolle former acting president told FOCUS Sport via Facebook chart Wednesday.

Sworr, 39, was appointed Acting President of Barrolle under the inactive Julia Duncan Cassell leadership, and lasted Seven months but was unable to revamp the Association due to what he calls politics engulf among the leadership.

He said now that Madam Cassell Leadership has willingly turned over the Association to its well-wishers, according to media reports; he wants such an agreement to revamp Barrolle from its current status.

Currently, Mighty Barrolle is for the third time in concession playing in the second tier of the Liberia Football Association National League.

Barrolle since their relegation in 2012 has been engulf with leadership crisis, a problem that is hampering the playing body.

“With that agreement Barrolle will be considered has Liberia’s richest club within the next five years.” according to him.

“Look! Football is business and the business aspect is what he is bringing to the table.” He added.

He uttered, getting into more investments, through corporate earnings is what needed now for Mighty Barrolle.

The young Businessman outlines; real estate to stock market and international media marketing are investment he thinks needed.

“I am going to invest more capital into the club for the first 24 months to make the team self-sustainable,” Sworr told FOCUS Sport.

He divulges that it will need a little over US& 75,000.00 per season for the first two seasons at which time the budget will increase.

“With the love I have for Barrolle since my childhood time, it pains me to see Barrolle is at such a level.” He cried.

Sworr maintained; upon conclusion with the Mighty Barrolle Board, his intent is to come to Liberia.

The agreement can be achieve through the exchange of notes through fax and regular mailing service, before this league season commences.

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