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NationOne Academy hits Liberia Featured

04 Jan 2016
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NationOne Academy hits Liberia

By Boy Dolo

The NationOne Academy has been launched in Liberia with an aim of blending soccer with academics.

Speaking at a news conference in Monrovia recently the founder of the soccer school, Otawe Tah Moore said his dream is to see the enormous talent in Liberia develop into full-skill professional career.

Tah noted that Liberia can produce another world best and should not be satisfied with George Weah alone.

“Since Pele time, Brazil have produced several other World best players, we have to produce another world best, how do we do this is by providing the means through which these talented kids in this country can have opportunities to play football, and the NationOne Academy wants to serve as such means,” Tah said at a news conference in Paynesville recently.

Born and reared in the Coca cola Factory Community in Paynesville City, Otawe was privileged to have obtained an American Visa to study in the United States where he attained his high school and college education.

The Young Liberian did not only acquire education, but also played soccer while in high school and college in the USA.

He said the NationOne Academy will blend soccer with education, noting a career after soccer is very important and as such education is very cardinal.

The young Liberian tactician averred that the organization has already met with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Minister Len Eugene Nagbe has already welcomed the initiative. Tah also said a meeting is expected to be held with the Liberia Football Association.

Tah who is also a youth coach said when the project gets underway, instructors from abroad will invited, noting the Academy will also employ Liberian football coaches. He said a number of educators will also be employed for the academy component.

He said with support from the NationOne Academy in America, the program will offer education and soccer to kids on a free of charge basis. Tah said they have already acquired land to begin the infrastructure component of the project.

Moore praised the Director of the Program Melton Yoko for his tireless effort in keeping the young people together over the years. Yoko a sport enthusiast in the ELWA area has been running a soccer project under the name “Victory Sports Academy” before coming in contact with the Nation One Academy.

The Board Chairman of the NationOne Academy, Reverend Samuel Enders, who is also Founder of the African Dream Academy said they are going to begin the process with US190,000.00.Rev. Enders said the Academy when constructed will be able to mold the minds of the kids educationally and morally.

Rev. Enders said: “The objective is to develop high performance student athletes, capable of building successful careers as a professional. We aim to develop student athletes with good education and sound character. We believe our graduates will be Liberia’s future.”

He called for the support of the Liberian Government and community dwellers. Rev. Enders said soccer and which has played a significant role in the lives of several Liberians is growing at slow pace, and feels the NationOne Academy will bring back the lost passion for soccer.

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