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Five Clubs Appeals Rejected for the 2015-16 LFA-Cellcom League Season Featured

24 Dec 2015
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Five Clubs Appeals Rejected for the 2015-16 LFA-Cellcom League Season

MONROVIA, December 22, 2015

The Appeals Committee of the Liberia Football Association has rejected the appeal filed by five member clubs against the action of the First Instant Board.

The Five member clubs in early December appealed the First Instant Board’s decision denying them participation in the 2015/2016 National League.

The First Instant Board has contended that the clubs failed to meet the statutory requirements in the Club Licensing System.

According to a release from the LFA Communications Director, Horatio Bobby Willie, the Appeals Committee upheld the decision by the First Instant Board after it established that the clubs indeed failed to provide any documentary evidence to support their claims against the First Instant Board; thus confirming the violation of the Club Licensing System.

The Appeals Committee chaired by Attorney Joseph Kollie said the clubs’ appeal for consideration was not in their power and their decision is based on the regulations and law of the system.

The Appeals Committee described the clubs action not to present the listed documents as required as a gross violation of the Club Licensing System.

The five clubs Invincible Eleven (IE), Monrovia Club Breweries and NPA Anchors of the First Division as well as Mighty Blue Angels and Small Town FC of the Second Division will not compete in the upcoming league season as a result of this decision.

Meanwhile, the Appeals Committee has accepted the appeal submitted by First Division side Holder FC. The committee said the club presented all documents required by the club licensing system in keeping with the regulations thereby overruling the decision made by the First Instant Board.

- See more at: http://www.liberiafa.com/2015/12/24/five-clubs-appeals-rejected-for-the-2015-16-lfa-cellcom-league-season/#sthash.a8sH52MB.hjCCJWcL.dpuf

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