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Clubs Demand 50% Cellcom Money Featured

23 Nov 2015
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Clubs Demand 50% Cellcom Money

By Sylvester Worwee‎ 

Football stakeholders in the country convened an emergency meeting over the weekend to discuss the state of football in Liberia. The meeting was summoned to resolve the current impasse in Liberian football, FOCUS Sport understands.

This paper gathered that clubs president at Saturday’s meeting unaminously agreed to stay away from all LFA organized leagues and tournaments until the local football house give them [clubs] 50% of the Cellcom sponsorship money.

Apparently frustrated over the manner in which the world beatiful game is run in Liberia, the clubs we learned are also ploting to setup a board to run their own league.

It can be recalled that Cellcom and LFA signed a new 3-year deal for the National Championship league (first and second divisions) with a cash value of US$650,000 (six hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars) on October 21, 2013.

The amount was divided into two portions: direct and indirect. The direct aspect (five hundred and eighty five thousand) was given to LFA to run the league for three years. Cellcom will disburse the direct amount to the LFA per year (or per league season).

The indirect (six five thousand) will be used by Cellcom for promotional and marketing purposes of the league.

Besides murmuring for being denied portion of the Cellcom sponsorhip money, the clubs said they have not received a dime from gate intakes collected during league matches from the LFA.

According to a financial record from the local FA, LFA is entitled to 15% of gate intakes. However, the record did not say how much the clubs are entitled to.

The LFA audit report for 2014 budgeted US$4,000 for gate intakes from local matches. Said amount, the club said is far too little from the actually amount collected by the LFA.

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