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IE Ready for Total Overhaul

27 Oct 2015
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IE Ready for Total Overhaul

                Acting President, Alfred Sayon


By Augustus Audekina-Doe

In an effort to re-awaken the momentous spirit and in taking the Invincible Eleven Majestic Sports Association (IE) to its people, the club has disclosed that it will on Saturday, October 31, 2015 hold a mass meeting.

According to the Association’s Acting President, Alfred Sayon, the meeting will bring together representatives from all chapter, sponsors, local fans and sympathizers, as well as, current and past officials to discuss the way forward.

With the B.W. Harris School campus, on Broad Street has been set to host the meeting, Mr. Sayon, head of the interim leadership, will unveil a report on past and current activities that will be followed by discussions on the team’s re-structuring plan.

The IE’s Acting President said he has already communicated to the entire technical staff of the Invincible Eleven about the re-structuring process which is expected to take effect following the Saturday’s meeting.

It can be recalled that the “Sun Shine Yellow Boys,” during the 2014-2015 Liberia Football Association (LFA) National League season ended fourth position on the Group “A” log.

He pointed out the IE struggled simply because the club did not had the requisite man power, leaders, and supports that help the club implement some of the plans it had.

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