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Liberia’s football writer makes headway in Ghana

22 Oct 2015
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Liberia’s football writer makes headway in Ghana


By Martina Brooks


Daniel Kobe Ricks also known as Kobe Don Holic is a Liberian Youth Football Promoter who is a Level 3 student at Ghana's Best I.T Institution IPMC Ghana. He is a Liberian born on June 10, 1991. He started his basic education in Ghana at Buduburam and later Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana. He is the founder of Liberia's Biggest Football Promotion Network Liberian Football Stars News Network. Kobe started this initiative using Facebook as a means to promote Liberian Footballers. In 2013, Elton Freeman a Liberian and founding member join the network and an idea of building a website came up. Now Libstars, is one of the biggest names for reading Liberian Football News. Since 2013, Kobe has been keeping up to his work and helping to promote more Liberian Footballers daily. He does this by discovering Liberian players or players with Liberian roots and also doing stories for Liberians making headlines overseas and within Africa. In 2013, Daniel joined Goal.com as a Representative. Currently, he is a member of Goal.com Reporters team and also the main Editor of Liberian Football Stars News Network. He has served as the Assistant IT Director of the Liberian Students Association Ghana.

In an interview with Kobe from his residence in Ghana, the young lad talked about his passion to help Liberian Football.

"Currently, I am working on a general Database to help discover Liberian playing outside Liberia, within Liberia or Africa at Large, he said. He helped to discover a Liberian- Canadian called Hanson Tamba Boakai who plays for Edmonton in Canada. He has done so many stories and discovery and work with so many Liberian Footballers playing overseas especially youths making headlines. To name few, Youssif Sherrif in Holland, Kobort Koffa in Denmark, Abel Gebor now in Albania and many more.

He is also the Online Promotional Manager of Zah R. Krangar, Liberian International who plays for the Lone Star of Liberia and Felda United in Malaysia.

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