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Communication Director Henry Boyd Flomo Resigns from LFA Featured

22 Oct 2015
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Henry Flomo Standing in the Middle flanked with SWAL (Sports Writer Association of Liberia) members



LFA Boss has accepted the resignation of Communication Director Henry Boyd Flomo



By Staff Reporter


The mouth piece for the Football House of Liberia, Mr. Henry Boyd Flomo has left the “Blue House”.

Information reaching Liberiansoccer.com from impeachable sources confirmed this development.

Henry Flomo is a Veteran sports Journalist and Former Sports Writers Association President.

Flomo has been leading the communication arm of the LFA since Bility become the LFA chairman in 2010 until now. It was thru his regime that the rules of engagement between the SWAL (Sports Writer Association of Liberia) and the LFA was established. A MOU was signed detailing the level of interaction and cooperation with the pen pushers and the LFA.

 According to our source the Letter of Resignation was sent to via Email to Mr Bility while he was in Guinea Bissau leading the LFA delegation at the FIFA World cup Preliminary that Lonestar came away with a 3-1 victory.

 The un-named source further stated “Flomo quit because Victor Boyah, the LFA Security Committee officer and a close confident of Bility. Prevented the regular post match press conference”. This action was a direct contradiction of the MOU and acceptable practice following international matches. Visiting Journalist and local press were also alarmed at the unprofessional attitude displayed which pointed to the communication arm of the LFA that provided the press Credentials.

 It can be recalled that fabric FM sports reporter was manhandled while trying to get to the post match conference after the home game against Guinea Bissau .  Molly Trojan Kiazolu was the reporter who reported this on air while he was broadcasting live from the ATS.

There seems to be a lot of bad blood going on at this time at the LFA and the source also said that Bility, Ansu Dolley and the police officer are running the FA in a way that only cronies of Bility have voice.

More information to follow as the SG and people in the financial office of the FA have been accused also of misusing LFA funds slated for the ATS renovation.




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