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LFA Holds First-Ever National Club Licensing Seminar in the Country

15 Oct 2015
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LFA Holds First-Ever National Club Licensing Seminar in the Country



By Augustus Audekina-Doe

The Liberia Football Association (LFA) in collaboration with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) will Friday commence a two-day national clubs licensing seminar at the Stone Heaven Guest House in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

The seminar which is expected to be held on Thursday and Saturday (October 16& 17, 2015), according to the Acting Secretary General of the local football house, Emmanuel Old-Boy Deah, will be the first-ever historical event organized by the LFA in collaboration with CAF.

The event will bring together about 12 first division clubs (9 current plus 3 newly promoted club’s officials) from the LFA domestic league, LFA’s acting Chief Writer stated.

He said, during the two day workshop, the newly three promoted clubs will serve only as observers, noting that they will subsequently participate in a local club licensing workshop in order to help them maintain their status in the league.

The Acting Chief scribe further disclosed that about three main facilitators of the workshop from the CAF are already in the Country to lead the knowledge building program.

“CAF has specially assigned FIFA Match Commissioner and Instructor, Dr. Raufu Bolaji Ojo-Oba and Amanze Ugochukwu Uchegbulam of Nigeria, as well as, CAF senior Instructor, Sunday Burton Kayuni from Tanzania to serve as facilitators,” Deah continued.

Highlighting some of the topics that will be treated during the two days event, the acting LFA’s SG said, “the objectives of CAF’s Club Licensing System, National Club Licensing Regulations, key stakeholders and process of the system.”

Others include: Decision-making Procedure, Responsibilities of the License Applicant, CAF Club Licensing Sporting Criteria, Infrastructure Criteria, and CAF Club Licensing Financial Criteria.

He said it is important for clubs to show their affirmation of ownership, stadium, practice pitch, office space and prove their financial capacity.

He added that it good for clubs to have a coach and a technical director (minimum B Certificate in Coaching) to be allowed to participate in the every league season.

Deah further noted that by the close of day, clubs in Liberia should have their licensing process in tight and added if they do that, it will be a boost for Liberian football.

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