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Liberian Ref Off To Tanzania

23 Sep 2015
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Liberian Ref Off To Tanzania

Abraham Fahnbulleh, 27 departs Liberia today for Dar salam, Tanzania to participate in a week-long non-Fifa referee training course.

The course, which brings together 29 participants from Anglophone [English speaking] Africa countries runs from 26th September to October 1, 2015 in the East African city.

Lamin Kamara , Chief football referee of Liberia told Focus Newspaper that the Liberia Football Referee Association, LIFRA is proud once again to see one of its members leave the country to acquire advanced training abroad.

Mr.Kamara said Fahnbulleh was elected to attend the Non-FIFA Referees Training Course owing to his splendid performance on the home front. He however urged his colleague to remain focused and keep his heads up high.

“Fahnbullah trip to Tanzania is a boast for LIFRA and Liberian Football in general. He is one of Liberia’s finest and young talented football referees. We made mistake in selecting him,” the chief ref added.

The Non-Fifa Training Course is aimed at enhancing the performances of promising referees, who are seen as replacement for elite football referees in the near future.

Referees from Francophone [French speaking] countries are expected assembling in the North African state of Morocco to undergo similar training.

Abraham Fahnbulleh, born on February 1, 1988 is a national referee – Category “B” of the Liberia Football Referee Association. He joined LIFRA in 2007, as a fourth division/third division [lower league] ref.

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