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Hail to the King, Hail to King George true son of the Land.
" We are Playing for the Liberian People" George Weah

"George Manneh Oppong Weah"


LFA Championship 1987
Cameroon Championship 1988
French Championship 1994
French Cup Winner 1991, 1993
and 1995
French League Cup winner 1995
European Cup winner cup finalist 1992
Italian Championship 1995 and 1999
English FA Cup 2000






African Player of the Year 1989,1994,
& 1995
European Football Player Of The Year
Football Player of the Year - FIFA
African Football Player of the Century



World Best Player 1995
Weah was name world best for 1995 becoming the only African player to win the award. He was the fith recipient of the very prestigious award. The Silver trophy was won by Paolo Maldini, and the Bronze by Jurgen Klinsmann. The other four recipients were: Lothar Matthaus 91, Marco Van Basten 92, Roberto Baggio 93, and Romario in 94. Weah also won the silver trophy the following year which was won by Brazilian striker Ronaldo


African Player of the Year 1989,1994, & 1995
Weah won the African player of the year in 1989 when he was with AS Monaco and 1995 with AC Milan, the year he won almost every award a footballer could win. When he won the award in 1989, it was his first major award and he took it back home for the entire country to celebrate, similar to what he did when he won the world best title and the Onze Mondial title.


European Player of the Year 1995
Weah won the very prestigious European Player of the Year in 1995, becoming the only African to win the award. Sports writers from all aver Europe voted and awarded Weah as the best player in Europe for the year.


Onze Mondial 1995
The French Magazine name Weah as the top player in Europe for 1995.


Fifa Fair Play Award 1996


African Player of the Century
Weah was voted the African player of the Century by sport journalist from all around the world. This award puts Weah in the company of some of the greatest player to ever played the game. Pele won the same award as the South American player of the Century and Frank Beckeber as the European player of the century.


Season Team Division Games Goals
1981-1984 Young Survivors   Unknown Unknown
1984-1984 Bongrange   Unknown Unknown
1985-1986 Barolle   Unknown Unknown
1986-1987 Invincible Eleven   Unknown Unknown
1987-1988 Tonnerre   Unknown Unknown
1988-1989 Monaco 1 23 14
1989-1990 Monaco 1 17 5
1990-1991 Monaco 1 17 5
1990-1991 Monaco 1 29 10
1991-1992 Monaco 1 34 18
1992-1993 PSG 1 30 14
1993-1994 PSG 1 32 11
1994-1995 PSG 1 34 7
1995-1996 Milan A 26 11
1996-1997 Milan A 28 13
1997-1998 Milan A 24 10
1998-1999 Milan A 26 8
1999-2000 Milan A 10 4
 1999/2000 Chlesea 1 11 4
1999/2000 Manchester City  1    
2000/2001 Olympique Marseille 1    
    2001/2002    Al-Jazira   1    

Born and raise in Liberia, George Weah has managed to use his God given abilities to go places and acrhived what was thought to be unreachable for many Liberians. From his days with Young Survivors in Claratown to the days of Tonnerre of Cameroom, and the world best title with AC Milan, he's always humble and very generous to family, friends and amazingly the entire country of Liberia. The amount of time and financial support he has rendered to his country is unthinkable. The world thinks he's the greastest soccer player to ever come from Africa, but I think he is the greastest role model for Liberians and he cares about his country and his people more than any other sport hero in the entire world.

End Of The Road

    The performance of Weah has confused many, and most believe that he found himself on the unfortunate side as far as football developing countries are concern. If this theory is true, then one might ask why Jesus come from Nazareth? The Jews believed that nothing good come from Nazareth, yet Jesus came from there. George Weah doesn’t find himself on the unfortunate side, the fact remains that stars are never born in a palaces. The Unfortunate thing should be a question that all Liberians must ask themselves: Will Liberia ever produce another George Weah?


Liberia's Lone Star - For Love Of Country
As Liberia continues to struggle daily with its many problems, some of which have now become very chronic, Liberians from all walks of life would be challenged from time to time to make whatever sacrifices they could to pull their country through one of its most difficult periods.



 Periscoping Liberian Soccer
-Merits and Demerits

By Bill B. Blamo

Liberian soccer has come of age and no doubt the apparent success of the country's national soccer team, the Lone Star, should be commended.

A Good Man Man
in Africa 

Sports Illustrated FlashbackJack the Rebel came calling in May of that year, as the rainy season began and the civil war spun into endgame.
The streets of Liberia's capital, Monrovia, bore the latest bad fruit of Charles Taylor's seven-year drive for power: boy soldiers killing for fun, 3,000 dead within the previous two months, U.S. Marines evacuating thousands of foreigners, and warlords and their armies looting the city in a final spasm of greed.